How to become a pet influencer?

October 18, 2018

How to become a pet influencer ?


Many of you have asked about this, so we have decided to answer you with this post!


Before diving into the subject, it is interesting to understand what it is to be an influencer : « An influencer is a person which, thanks to his status or his media exposure, can influence the consumer’s behaviors in a given area. »


As there are many motivations, it is very important to distinguish the good ones from the bad ones.


The good ones :

  • Love and passion of animals

  • The desire to express your talents (digital and creative)

  • The desire to present uncommon content

  • Have a story to tell

  • Share your experience and knowledge

  • Have fun while doing it


The bad ones :

  • To become rich or famous

  • To copy anyone else


What’s the first step then and which social media should I choose?


Instagram, blogs, TikTok, Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, Itunes, Soundcloud, Pinterest, Reddit… The list is long so you have plenty of choices. However, Instagram and Youtube are the leaders, knowing that Youtube pays the most successful content creators, whereas Instagram doesn’t.


What type of equipment do I need?




Of course you will need tools to take photos, videos or to record your voice : for example the iPhone 7+ is perfect for photos, but isn’t suited for audio content. You can also use your professional camera if you already have one, Wifi/Bluetooth Reflex are perfect partners for example.


Which apps will help me to become a pet influencer?


How can I level up the quality of my photos?

  • The best is to shoot in natural light.

  • Think about taking an uncommon angle (low-angle shot, burst mode…)

  • Pay attention to what is around your pet and to the colors.

  • Try to create unique and uncommon content.

  • Catch your pet’s eyesight (with a toy or a treat for example)


What I absolutely shouldn’t do :

  • Nothing fake, it’s all about content and followers authenticity.

  • Avoid bad quality content.

  • No follow / unfollow, it will deteriorate your image.

  • Don’t accept to promote everything. Carefully select who do you want to partner with.

  • Beware of the pods, engagement groups which can take you a lot of time for tiny benefits.

  • And of course, always respect your animal, learn to see the signals meaning he’s fed up or upset, and never put him in a situation of stress or danger . Animal welfare goes before everything else!


Here are a few pictures we love and that could inspire you :




That’s it, we hope we have been able to give you a few ideas and take advantage of this post to thank you for your always growing interest into My Pet Agency.



















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